Garry Kennard | A Retrospective Exhibition | 11 January — 26 January 2013

A Retrospective Exhibition

11 January — 26 January 2013
This exhibition coincides with the publication of Garry Kennard’s book, ‘Essays and Images’ which will be launched at the exhibition private view.

Press Release

The exhibition includes variations on classical themes such as still life, seascapes, portraits, the icon and the Pietà.

It includes the first full showing of Kennard’s multi-portrait project ‘The Holloway Icons’.

Edited extracts from the preface of ‘Essays and Images’ by the distinguished science writer Rita Carter: ‘Garry Kennard recognised very early on that neuroscience could contribute to our knowledge of how it is to be human. The advent of neuro-imaging techniques resonated with his ambition to discover how works of art affect our emotions, thoughts and memories. This led him to establish the Art and Mind festivals. These were the first events to bring artists and scientists together in an attempt to find some common language in which to convey their complementary views of the mind. Art and Mind (in collaboration with GV Art) has since evolved into a forum for artists and scientists who continue to try to forge common ground.