There is Hope | 20 January – 17 March 2009


GV Art Group show The star-spangled symbolism o f Barack Obama’s inauguration as the 44th President o f the United States is difficult to ignore . For those who consider Obama the very personification of America’s lavish idealism , the election of the nation’s first black president provided evidence that the very principles enshrined in the nation’s constitution were not hollow words, as many more cynical observers might suggest, but virtues grounded within concrete social and political realites.

Such passionate beliefs have found natural expression in much of the effusive praise that both preceded and followed Obama’s triumph: the secular messiah who preached to the faithful on the streets of Berlin, and the sun-kissed hero of the Hawaiian beaches whose robust physicality heralds the dawn of a new utopian age . The Obama era is, they assure us, one full of hope.

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Quadratura Out Of White in collaboration with GV Art