Of the Flesh | The Art of Andrew Krasnow | 1 Oct 2008 – 17 Jan 09


The Art of Andrew Krasnow
October 2008 to 17 January 2009

GV Art London

Of the Flesh Introduction

At the start of the week that will decide the future of America, a London gallery displays the complete works of controversial American artist, Andrew Krasnow, who displays human suffering in America through human tissue form.

As America looks to its future, ‘Of The Flesh’ exhibition is a timely reminder that it has never escaped the horrors of its past. Through the use of human tissue, Krasnow is able to convey that suffering, pain and loss is universal.

The story of every day America is displayed through every day objects made from human skin. The exhibition includes many striking and thought provoking objects including a pair of Texan cowboy boots on a podium, a Confederate flag against the wall and two suede-encased bullets. The mixed media installations provide a moving and very personal experience of human suffering.

This exhibition raises many difficult ethical issues and in so doing exposes some of the contradictions of modern life, the commoditisation of the human form and the fragility and dignity of human beings. The works evoke important social and political issues including the dangers of extreme nationalism, the horrors of war and man’s continued inhumanity towards man.

GV Arts gallery founder and curator Robert Devcic says:

‘Like Krasnow, I am concerned about the continuing erosion of civil liberties, the commoditisation of the human body and I applaud his efforts to champion both freedom of expression and the rights of the individual. I believe it is my duty to provide a platform for such artists and I challenge you to share my belief.’

For further information contact:

GV Art, 49 Chiltern St, London W1U 6LY +44 208 408 9800 www.gvart.co.uk/skin

As the first private UK gallery to acquire such a licence, GV Art is obliged to satisfy a number of different criteria concerning the storage and security of these works. The gallery has taken great efforts to show that it has and will continue to act in a socially responsible manner at all times. For this reason the decision was made to make this an invitation-only exhibition Images and catalogue available from GV Art.


The Art of Andrew Krasnow

October 2008 to 17 January 2009

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