It was Paradise | Rachel Gadsden | Friday 13 October until 23 October 2017

It Was Paradise   , 2017, mixed media on paper

It Was Paradise, 2017, mixed media on paper

It was Paradise | LONDON, WEST BANK AND GAZA | FRIDAY 13 October until 23 October 2017

Private View Thursday 12 October from 5 pm to 8 pm

Taking a psycho-geographical approach, the collaboration addresses global concerns about migration, the lingering flight of the refugee, and disabled and bereaved people, through the creation of visceral visual artworks. It was Paradise is inspired by the themes of Palestinian poet and author Mahmoud Darwish’s poetry; and, above all, the objective of the artistic collaboration is to cultivate hope.

This exhibition represents an overview of Gadsden’s diverse artistic practice, and offers the opportunity to engage with her current Unlimited Research and Development Award project, It was Paradise, a collaboration with artists from the West Bank and Gaza.

Expressionistic in approach, Rachel Gadsden undertakes commissioned art projects, nationally and internationally, through drawing, painting, performance, animation and film, and always with the overriding objective of presenting a cross-cultural visual language and dialogue that considers profound notions of what it is to be human.  She points, ultimately, in the direction of what is the triumph of the human spirit.

GV Art have exhibited and supported Gadsden’s work for over 15 years, and curator Robert Devcic is an active mentor for the It was Paradise project.

Gadsden’s gift for telling other peoples’ stories by drawing upon her own experiences is a relationship that – for anyone who knows Rachel – is perfectly organic. Neither does it end with the completion of the work; it grows, and gives rise to new and unexpected dialogues and adventures. In forging a relationship with Rachel and her work the viewer too becomes part of this extraordinary world, defined by energy and creativity.

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Rachel Gadsden has a BA (Hons) and MA in Fine Art and is a multi-award-winning artist and artistic director. Gadsden’s projects have been exhibited throughout UK, across Europe and in Bahrain, Brazil, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and the USA. Gadsden was awarded an Honorary Doctorate from London South Bank University in 2016.

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