Susan Aldworth | Transience | 6 June until 20 July 2013

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"Could I translate the physicality of the brain into an artwork? It would be the ultimate portrait of someone – made from the authentic marks of the physical brain itself." Susan Aldworth 2013

This solo exhibition, Transience, presented by GV Art gallery, London, includes ground-breaking work by the artist Susan Aldworth as she continues her investigations into the relationship between mind and body. Since 1999, Aldworth, an experimental print and film maker who combines digital photography and state-of-the-art medical imagery in her work, has explored the depths of consciousness and the transience of self. Her persistent fascination with the physical brain has led to a new body of work which has evolved using techniques from the most traditional to the more radical, as shown in this exhibition. In Transience Aldworth explores the brain as matter and has made a suite of prints – a historical first - etching directly from human brain tissue.