E X P E R I M E N T S | Group Show | 12 March – 29 May 2010



Group Show

12 March to 29 May 2010

Anne Brodie with Simon Park

Andrew Carnie with Paul Broks

Annie Cattrell with Stan Cornford, Peter Cockrell & Prof Morten L Kringelbach

Chris Drury with Dr Lynn Fenstermaker & Hugh Corr

Katharine Dowson with Dr Gabriele Jordan

Leonardo da Vinci, in the 15th century, envisaged that every small part of nature mirrored the action of the whole; he saw the human body a ‘lesser world’ – lesser in scale but not in wonder and complexity. Everything, according to the Renaissance man, was related to everything else. Leonardo saw connections where we see only differences.

C P Snow, the scientist who, in 1959, famously lectured in Cambridge about the ‘Two Cultures’ once said ‘The clashing point of two subjects, two disciplines, two cultures – of two galaxies, so far as that goes – ought to produce creative chances. In the history of mental activity that has been where some of the breakthroughs came.’2 The chances are there now.

But what is it that still separates the disciplines and its practitioners, and what is it that attracts one to the other? Where and how do artists and scientists work, and how come they end up not having much to do with each other sometimes for the whole stretch of their careers?

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