Automatic Art | Group Exhibition | from 3 July – 10 September 2014

Kenneth Martin, Chance, Order, Change Drawing 1, 1981, ink, pencil and gouache on orange graph paper, 30 x 42

Exhibition continues through to Wednesday 10 September 2014

The exhibition presents 50 years of British art that is generated from strict procedures. The artists make their work by following rules or by writing computer programs. They range from system-based paintings and drawings to evolving computer generated images.

Artists : Stephen Bell, boredomresearch, Dominic Boreham, Paul Brown, John Carter, Harold Cohen, Nathan Cohen, Sean Clark, Trevor Clarke, Ernest Edmonds,  Julie Freeman, Anthony Hill, Malcolm Hughes, Colin Jones, Michael Kidner, William Latham, Peter Lowe, Kenneth Martin, Mary Martin, Terry Pope, Stephen Scrivener, Jean Spencer, Steve Sproates, Jeffrey Steele and Susan Tebby

CONNECTIONS | Tuesday 9 September 2014, 6.30pm

Artists from the current exhibition discuss their work and the connections between them. The exhibition provides a survey of British art that uses the structures, systems and software. It includes work from the 1970s Systems Group and Computer artists and shows how closely connected these artists are.

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