Dragan Ilic retrospective Belgrade


Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade

May 15 to 8 July 2019

Curated by Zoran “Erić

(Re)Evolution is Dragan Illich’s retrospective exhibition. All the works represent the use of robotics in his artistic practice. The most interesting piece is the new model of the KUKA KR 210 robot. It’s skills are: drawing, experimental dance, music – through the production of industrial sound, six channel video projection that documents Ilić’s projects. The robot, programmed to draw create “hybrid” of artist and machine.

Artist is focused on exploring drawing with the conceptual analysis of the de/reconstruction of the drawing process, like registering physical activities on paper, the artist produces opening space for different artistic activities that culminate with the creation of a drawing


- http://eng.msub.org.rs/reevolution-dragan-ilic-retrospective-exhibition

Dragan Ilic 12.jpg
Charles Gollop