UNTITLED [ RoboAction A1 K1 ] Rapid scientific and technological development at this contemporary moment in time has made the otherwise very thin borderline between technology and art no longer something that is within the realm of science fiction, rather it has become a defined realm of reality.

Born in 1948, artist Dragan Ilić lives and works in New York and Belgrade. In 2009,  he founded the experimental performance space ITS-Z1, a platform for the intersection of art and science, hosting  acclaimed artists such as Stelarc. Ilić's work has been featured on tv and in galleries. including:  Documenta, PS 1 MoMa, the Center for Cultural Decontamination in Belgrade, Queens Museum of Art, and, in April 2010, at the Museum of Science in Boston, as a part of National Robotics Week. He is represented by GV Art London