David Marron


David marron

There is no consistent formula but the art I make tends to germinate amongst a human response to illness or injury. A cataclysmic or benign event where an emotional reaction overlies some physiological disturbance, an unwelcome physical and emotional assault that varies in severity and spirals into medical intervention or not. My slipping foothold in this area stems from being a London based paramedic and being thrown against extremities of illness, violence and social complications; where this volatile human reaction falters and sprays. This is where my head seems to fester, often with drawing as a root, an initial guttural marking, primitive, flawed and gestural, a welcome response to sterility and plasticity. A cerebral interference reworks, imagines, develops and undoes the drawing. Corroborating toward something or somewhere else, a body of work. Or dissipating down a wonderfully complex colonic comic and overlooked flatulent end.