Dan Peyton


Dan Peyton

Dan Peyton (born 1958) is an artist who uses techniques from early nineteenth century photography to challenge our visual assumptions and create new ways of seeing the world.

He says; ” My work is about looking within and without, backwards in time, at the present and into the future. Early photographic techniques allow me to displace imagery that is easy to assimilate and present it as a cross between a relic and an expression of the now.”

Dan’s passion for photography was sparked by his first camera, a 1940′s Zeiss Ikon, given to him by his father. Dan moved from England to America aged 17 where he studied theatre in Kentucky and then Communication Design in New York. He has since explored all aspects of photography from its first inception through to the digital era.

Dan has worked as a graphic designer, illustrator and photographer for numerous clients including Vanity Fair and American Express. His art has been exhibited in New York since 1999, most recently with Oregon artist, Matthew Day Jackson, in the 2006 Whitney Biennial.

Dan currently has three principal areas of interest. Colour work with an unmetered Hasselblad medium format camera, wet-plate collodion with large format Russian early 20th Century wooden land cameras, and direct negative-less solargrams with cyanotype and kalitype.