Anaïs Tondeur

Anaïs Tondeur is a visual artist. She works and lives in Paris. Her artistic practice forms at the point where disciplines meet. Crossing natural sciences and anthropology, myth making and new media processes, she creates speculative narratives and investigations by which she experiments other conditions of being to the world. For this, she searches for a new aesthetic, in the sense of a renewal of our modes of perception, and explores, beyond the separation of nature and culture, ways to disrupt the grand narrative of the Anthropocene.

Her protocols of research took her in expeditions at the frontiers between tectonic plates, across the Atlantic Ocean, in Chernobyl Exclusion Zone or through sterilised soils of urban environments. Moreover, when she is not able to access her fields of investigation, she creates vehicles of fiction, travelling for her. She thus recently sent a dream to space, on board Nasa Osiris Rex spacecraft.

Anaïs Tondeur has collaborated with philosophers, anthropologist, geologists, oceanographers and physicists. She was artist in residence at CNES (National Space Studies Center, 2016), National Natural History Museum, Pierre and Marie Institute during the COP 21 (2015, Paris), Hydrodynamics Laboratory, (CNRS, Ecole Polytechnique, 2013-2015). She graduated from the Royal College of Art (London, 2010) after completing a Bachelor (Hons) at Central Saint Martin (London, 2008). Recipient of Ars Electronica Honorary Mention (2015), she has presented her work in institutions such as Centre Pompidou (Paris), Gaîté Lyrique (Paris), GV Art (London), Bozar (Brussels) or Houston Center of Photography (USA).