Past Exhibitions

Kenneth Martin, Chance, Order, Change Drawing 1, 1981, ink, pencil and gouache on orange graph paper, 30 x 42

Automatic Art | Group Exhibition from 3 July – 10 September 2014

Automatic Art: human and machine processes that make art   Exhibition continues through to Wednesday 10 September 2014   The exhibition presents 50 years of British art that is generated from strict procedures. The artists make their work by following rules or by writing computer programs. They range from system-based paintings and drawings to evolving computer generated […]

Mell Fisher, Experimental Processes

Broad Vision | Future Human from 5 June – 28 June 2014

Broad Vision art/science research and learning presents Future Human: creative and critical speculations on how we might sustain, adapt and evolve, as biology, technology and culture become increasingly intertwined   A time-lapse of a 3D printer on opening night printing HomoSentire, developed for ‘Future Human’ Just Jed (Jed Stuart Welland)   Exhibition ran from Thursday […]

David Heathcote, TCR 1982, oil on canvas, 91 x 122

David Heathcote | Numberless Islands from 24 April – 31 May 2014

David Heathcote Numberless Islands   Exhibition from Thursday 24 April ending Saturday 31 May 2014   David Heathcote: Hausa Art in Northern Nigeria, Saturday 10 May 2014, 3pm, see events page for details   Jackie Wullschlager, for Visual Arts at the Financial Times said: ‘A retrospective of a consistently thoughtful artist who has been considering colour, form, […]

Stefan Themerson, Photogram, c.1928/29

Encyclopedia Galactica | Gallery Retrospective from 13 February – 17 April 2014

Encyclopedia Galactica Gallery Retrospective Exhibition continues until: 17 April 2014   GV Art presents Encyclopedia Galactica, a retrospective exhibition to celebrate the work of the individuals who contributed to the gallery programme during the last five years. For two months GV Art will serve as a laboratory, inviting re-assessments and igniting discussions to chart a […]

I.55 or the girl who swallowed the remnants of a forest

Anais Tondeur | I.55 Book Launch Event

I.55 Book Launch Event Monday 16 December 2013, 6-9pm   I.55 or the girl who swallowed the remnants of a forest by Anaïs Tondeur is the result of an expedition retracing the journey of a specimen from Bart’s Pathology Museum in London. The specimen archived as number I.55, is a fragment of graphite swallowed by […]

Janek Schaefer - That was the year that was

Noise & Whispers | Group exhibition from 8 November – 14 December 2013

NOISE & whispers Group exhibition with more than 30 sound artists Exhibition from 8 November – 14 December 2013 See Press release for further details Read the Catalogue on-line Thank you to Focal for supporting the exhibition and providing the headphones  

Helix Tree, courtesy of the artist and Lighthouse

Helix | Thursday 24 October until Wednesday 30 October 2013

 Helix David Blandy, Adam Rutherford and Daniel Locke Private View 24 October, 6-9pm, with a performative lecture by Adam Rutherford Exhibition 24 – 30 October, 11am-6pm daily click for more information

Franciszka Themerson, Why is the mind in the head, oil on canvas, 1954

Franciszka Themerson | Why is the Mind in the Head? | Friday 11 October until Saturday 20 October 2013

Franciszka Themerson Why is the Mind in the Head?   Why is the Mind in the Head? Do we know? Are we sure? No, we are still asking this question which Franciszka Themerson used as the title for her painting of a pensive man surrounded by lines and geometrical forms which constitute his puzzling environment. […]

Stehlikova & Driscoll, Threshold (detail, 3) 2012

Generation | Rosalyn Driscoll and Tereza Stehlíková | 26 September – 5 October 2013

Generation A collaborative work by Rosalyn Driscoll and Tereza Stehlíková Exhibition from 26 September – 5 October 2013 Daily from 11am – 6pm see press release for further details View the online catalogue for the exhibition

'Раждане с оргазъм' ,Birth with Orgasm I, 
Helen Knowles, 2012, Four colour screen print on Fabriano, Edition of 2 with 4 a/p, 125 h x 176 w cm, Courtesy the artist

Private View: Public Birth | Helen Knowles | 16 September – 22 September 2013

Private View: Public Birth Helen Knowles, solo exhibition Exhibition from 16 September – 22 September 2013 daily 11am – 6pm press release